Pure-Tek Limescale Prevention

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A Little Goes a Long Way

The Pure-Tek Limescale Prevention makes 20 Litres of deionised and demineralised water. Making this product easy to store at home and uses less plastic than deionised water

Over 60% of the UK is a Hard Water Area

Limescale Prevention is key to making sure all your steam-producing appliances such as irons, wallpaper strippers and steam mops remain free of limescale build-up. Also suitable for car batteries.

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Easy to Use

Simply unscrew cap and fill with tap water to bottle shoulder, gently agitate and poor into your appliance, keep refiling and reusing until the crystals in the bottle turn red when its time to order more.

Simple Water Softener System

Prevents limescale build-up and maintains performance as well as distilled deionised water and is perfect for use as ironing water. This fast and effective formula will help your appliances work more efficiently and save energy.

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Proudly Made in the UK

We pride ourselves that nearly all our products are eco-friendly solutions and non-toxic, non-corrosive and contain biodegradable cleaning agents. All packaging materials are also recyclable.